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Clinical Grade Inversion Therapy and Core Fitness System for Light Commercial or Home Use.  Black, 82 lbs.

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The Back Revolution® is a patent one-of-a-kind inversion therapy and fitness device that helps with back pain, spinal flexibility, relaxation and much more.  This is the only such device endorsed by Dr. William L. Elliott, exercise physiologist.  (Read more about Dr. Elliott)


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  • Scratch-resistant gloss black powder-coating finish.
  • Adjusts easily (with locking pin) for varying user heights.
  • Comfortable thick foam thigh pad.
  • Contoured support for comfortable inversion.The Back Revolution System
  • Adjustable foam rollers slide to fit any user.
  • Reversible extension handlebars (for easy mounting/dismounting).
  • Removable platform facilitates height adjustments.
  • Light commercial use construction (unit weighs 82 lbs).
  • Great for light commercial or home use.
  • Accommodates users up to 300 lbs.
  • Accommodates heights up to 6'6" (height max depends on torso length).
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • A warranty which includes two full years on the frame and one full year on the pads and other parts.

The Back Revolution® is:

  • A safe, simple and effective method of back and abdominal conditioning.
  • A pivoting inversion unit that decompresses the spine, facilitating normal movement while helping to reduce and prevent back pain.
  • Effective in enhancing strength, mobility, core stability, and spinal function.

Regular use of the Back Revolution® can:

  • Improve the operation of spinal joints.
  • Minimize wear and tear of the intervertebral discs.
  • Improve muscle strength.
  • Improve muscle control.
  • Ensure correct patterning of movement, which allows muscles to work together.
  • Reduce nerve impingement or nerve tension.
  • Improve normal joint mechanics by working the muscles of the trunk in a natural, functional way.
  • Prevent postural abnormalities and improve symmetry of the spine.
  • Offer relief from the ageing forces of gravity to muscles and joints.
  • Reduce muscle spasms.
  • Optimize flexibility.
  • Reduce muscle tension and pain.
  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Increase local blood flow.
  • Increase thoracic gas volume peak flow and forced vital capacity.
  • Influence lymph flow.
  • Improve gait and range of motion.
  • Reduce stiffness and fatigue.
  • Reduce post traumatic headache.

Insurance Coverage for the Back Revolution®:

  • Most major insurances like Blue Cross / Blue Shield will pay up to 80%.
  • Workers Compensation will pay 100%.
  • Follow these steps to ensure you get your Back Revolution at extremely low or no cost through your insurance.
    1. 1. An Invoice showing proof of purchase of your Back Revolution System.
    2. 2. A Recommendation from one of the following professionals stating why The Back Revolution System would benefit you:
    • Medical Doctor (M.D.)
    • Chiropractor (D.C.)
    • Physical Therapist (P.T.)
    • Doctor of Orthopedic (D.O.)
    • Etc.
    1. 3. Use section: CPCS with Insurance Code: E-0941, Traction Device, Gravity Assisted
    2. Download Insurance Coverage Form

The Back Revolution System Pro, the commercial model is also available


Shipping Information:

We charge $60 flat-rate for shipping and handling anywhere in the United States, except Hawaii and Alaska. If we are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, please call: 1-719-487-0937 for a delivery quote.

Return Policy: 

We offer a 30 day return policy.  The customer is responsible for return shipping costs and we will also deduct from your credit card, our shipping and handling costs incurred to get the product to you and a 40% restocking charge.  The unit must be returned in like new condition.

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Do's and Don'ts


Do use the Back Revolution Stick to prepare (warm up) your neck, back, and hamstring muscles for inversion. It is very important to never stretch a cold muscle. The Back Revolution Stick is also very beneficial for other activities both before (warm up) and after (recovery).

Do the Kellogg Stretch for facet relief.

Do invert, stretch, decompress, exercise and revert slowly accompanied by moderately deep rhythmic breathing.

Do extensions (arching), flexion (curling), rotational movements slowly with your head during inversion. This may relieve inflexible neck muscles.

Do Pause for 15 seconds or more upon reverting and standing. This is very important before you dismount the Back Revolution and step off the platform.

Do inversion slowly without any distractions for optimal results.

DON'T invert if you have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, middle ear infection, or eye disorders. Consult your physician prior to using the Back Revolution.

DON'T ever sit on the rollers as a way to use the rollers as a seat for resting or relaxing.

DON'T invert for more than 10 seconds initially. Learn to relax and breathe correctly. Studies have proven that maximum decompression of the spine is accomplished in a minimum of 70 seconds. Only 1 to 3 minutes is recommended after you become fully comfortable with inversion.

DON'T invert for more than 3 minutes at any time. More than 3 minutes is counter-productive.

DON'T allow clothing to lessen the full benefits of inversion. Example: A shirt tucked into pants will decrease decompression during inversion. Belt buckles decrease relaxation during inversion.

DON'T put your hands or arms on the floor in a supporting manner which hinders full decompression.

DON'T invert immediately after exercise and eating.