About Dr. Elliott


Dr. William Leland Elliott is an exercise physiologist and neuromuscular therapist. He is the founder and director of HealthBuilding®, Inc. (HealthBuilding.com); a sports medical fitness company offering a variety of products and services which include: fitness testing and programming, neuromuscular therapy, medical and sports massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and wellness-related public speaking, writing and consulting.  Dr. William Elliot - HealthBuildingDr. Elliott has been professionally involved in the health & fitness field since 1989 and he has been studying nutrition and exercise science since the early 1980s. He has trained and coached a wide variety of individuals, from professional and amateur athletes to fitness enthusiasts, youths, and seniors. Dr. Elliott has studied under some of the top experts in the areas of physiology, nutrition, and neuromuscular therapy. He holds a bachelor's degree in exercise nutrition, a master's degree in exercise science, and a Ph.D. in applied physiology and health informatics. Dr. Elliott is recognized and respected as an international speaker and author. He has taught a number of health and physiology-related classes at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. He is also a professor for the International Sports Sciences Association and teaches their medical fitness, fitness training, and fitness nutrition certification courses. His research interests include computer-based interactive health and science education, body composition, metabolism, nutrition, fitness programming, resistance training, musculoskeletal therapeutics, and the physiological aspects of such areas. Recreationally, Dr. Elliott enjoys mountain biking and mountaineering. He has reached the summits of Mount Kilimanjaro and many of Colorado’s highest mountains. He also enjoys trail running, snow sports, and strength-related athletics. He has competed at the national level in the sport of natural (i.e., drug free) bodybuilding. His events include the North America Natural and the Northern California Natural bodybuilding championships, as well as other bodybuilding and regional weightlifting championships. Dr. Elliott is a finisher of the Pikes Peak Marathon, Pikes Peak Ascent, and several other marathons. He is also a cured survivor of life-threatening testicular cancer which was found to be spread throughout his body in 1992. Dr. Elliott currently resides in Colorado Springs with his wife Mary and their two pugs; Zeb and Kate. 


About Mary Elliott


Mary Elliott is the co-director, secretary, and treasurer of HealthBuilding, Inc. She has a degree in accounting, is a licensed cosmetologist and a certified nutritionist. In addition to managing the company, she is also the primary webmaster for HealthBuilding.com. Mary grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California, where she was involved in competitive swimming and ice skating. As a youth, she also enjoyed horseback riding, gymnastics, and skiing. In 1995, she moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she lives today. Mary lives a very active lifestyle and enjoys hiking, mountain running, mountaineering, snowboarding, and resistance training.  She is a finisher of the Pikes Peak Ascent, the Triple Crown of Running series, and other race events.